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Bollywood Stardust by Mituri Sharma
Mituri Pradip Sharma is a freelance journalist who has worked on a variety of print mediums in diverse fortes. Armed with a pen and paper, this print medium enthusiast has written for local papers, online mediums, university papers & magazines, in the press operations section for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and for Australia's second largest magazine publishing house, Express Publications as a PR representative and journalist.

A full time Marketing/Business Analyst for SPKM International Pty Ltd and Karepet Australia, Mituri loves to sink her teeth into the print arena whenever she has the inclination, time and escapes "Writer's Block!"

Mituri relishes in bridging the gap between India and Australia and looks forward to bringing deliciously scrumptious article for you to review in the coming months…so watch this space!
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"There's nothing really the worst or best about acting - it's just like everything else!" - Kunal Kemmu - By Mituri Pradip Sharma

With these pearls of wisdom, Kunal Kemmu has sought out on the dangerously worn out path to acting super stardom. 

Although new to most debut actors, Kunal has the benefit of taking a similar route throughout his years as a child artist, working with the likes of Karisma Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla and others, Mahesh Bhatt has kept this secret close to his chest.

One of the Bhatt camp's trump cards, newcomer Kunal has made a deep impact in his debut launch pad, and has stirred the film industry to sit up and take notice.

Termed as an extremely fine actor by some of Bollywood's heavyweights, particularly ace director Madhur Bhandarkar, the self confessed "movie-holic" Gemini admits to being lost without acting. "I don't know what I would have been if I'd not become an actor … maybe a director. Something definitely related to acting!"

Remembered most for his fun loving role in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, and his award winning, mind etching avatar of a young Mahesh Bhatt in Zakhm, Kunal feels that acting is more like a second home, than a profession.

Absent from the film scene after Zakhm, Kunal has returned refreshed and ready to take on the world, however he has always kept in touch with acting, dabbling in theatre during his hibernation period in university.

"I still love theatre and I will always consider doing it, for now though I just don't have the time and theatre demands a lot of this, but I will definitely go back some day."

Probed on his taste in movies, Kunal finds it a difficult task to hone in on one crowned winner, "there are just too many to mention," he winces, "maybe Andaaz Apna Apna and Fiddler on the Roof" would be personal favourites.

"Because you keep on watching Hindi cinema which has everything in it, you're not really finicky about the different genres of films," Kunal reiterates, "I like everything from horror and romance to drama etc. I watch a lot of world cinema even though I don't understand it - I have to read the subtitles."

Unlike many of his party obsessed peers, Kunal readily confesses to being a "homebody", enjoying his collection of thoughts and movies, and his unusual habit as Bollywood's next big thing - a writer. 

"My favourite hang out spot would have to be home itself. I don't hang out too much and I just love being at home."

Questioned on whether he may publish his works of creativity and Kunal sheepishly replies that he "only started writing recently and only discovered I could write about three to four years ago. I'm a very moody person, it can take me months to write something and I leave it in between. I'm currently not thinking about publishing, maybe when I have a substantial amount of information, I will."

The acting enthusiast, who readily admits to being a fan of Big B, Shabana Azmi and Tabu recounts his experience on the first day of shoot as unusual.

"I didn't exactly have any nerves on the day. I was quite surprised actually, as I was expecting this to be normal, but for me it was just like any other day on the job. I wasn't exactly away from the acting sphere, as I had done a lot of theatre in between and was very comfortable as I had worked with all those involved in Kalyug before. I had worked with Mohit [Suri] for a couple of months beforehand so my comfort level with everyone was very high," Kunal explains. 

As a promising young artist of the future, does Kunal have any advice for others wishing to bask in the glory of all that Bollywood has to offer?

After all, Kunal has the uncharacteristic advantage of his almost embryonic acting skills, with his parents claiming stake in the same profession, and the fortunate facilitation in nurturing those dexterities from childhood.

"I don't give much advice out to people," Kunal confides, "but if you think you can be an actor and have it in you, give yourself one or two good tries. Don't be afraid of competition - achieve what you must."

In the recent tragic wake of the Mumbai blasts possibly being linked to the Jammu-Kashmir issue, this boy from Kashmir has a special bond to the painful associations of the tiresome battle.

"I was about five and a half to six years of age when I left Kashmir. I was not really in my senses, so I only have good, fond memories. I've seen bomb blasts and people getting shot, but I was not in any way scarred by the memories, I barely knew what was occurring," the thoughtful youngster continues. "But yes, when I look back, I wish I could go there and walk the streets of Srinagar without any fear in my heart. Even when tourists go back they have fear something may happen."

As you speak with Kunal, you form the distinct impression that you're speaking with a "thinker", someone who ponders on issues before stating them, a facet that is priceless in the film industry in redefining characters.

The youthful freshness and naivety is inspiringly immersed in the wraths of the ego battles that often plague the film fraternity 

"I don't really crave for any particular type of role," Kunal professes, "I've been very lucky and have entered the field when people are really experimenting with Bollywood. Out of ten scripts, four offer me really good roles I can play. I just crave to do every role better!"

Though when implored, Kunal succumbs to acknowledging his desire to playing Aamir Khan's role in Jo Jeeta Woh Hi Sikandar or the protagonist's role in Ram Gopal Varma's Shiva.

"I always wanted to be an actor. The best thing about being one is that you get to play and do everything, if you want to be a pilot to a cop, you can do anything under the sun. And you get to be famous, if you've ever wanted that," Kunal contemplatively adds.

Questioned on the worst aspect of acting, Kunal finds it difficult to pinpoint one - "I guess later in life I'll get it. When you become too famous you can get mobbed, not hurt or anything like that, but you can't just walk down Juhu beach, go to the "chat wala" and ask for "bhel puri"," the Chinese food devotee claims.

Mentored by his father personally, who never let him stray from his chosen path, Kunal lovingly declares that "he has shaped my life and didn't allow me to make the wrong decisions and corrected the ones I made." However from a professional point of view "my guru would be Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, he always believed in me."

Riding high on the success of Kalyug firmly under his belt, Kunal has interesting projects to build on in his resume in the foreseeable future. Madhur Bhandarkar's final in the trilogy, Signal is slated for a post Diwali release, and the young entrepreneur has already begun working on a new action comedy with Fardeen Khan, Tanushree Dutta and Diya Mirza.

When inquired about his plans to visit Australia in the near future, Kunal replies that "I've never been to Australia. I don't know much about it, just what I've seen on the tourism channels and from friends studying there. It sounds like a fun country and is definitely one I want to visit," and continuing with his message for all of you … "Thank you all and I love you. If I ever get to visit Australia I'd like to meet everyone by doing a public appearance. Lastly have fun and enjoy life!"

Kunal Kemmu, a bright star in the bedazzled foray of celebrity hopefuls, appears to be here to stay, to make his mark in the conglomeration of films yet to come, if the opinions of experienced inhabitants of the Bollywood trenches are to be believed. A sensitive artist with the will and quiet determination to succeed, Kunal increasingly seems to be the one we'll be seeing more off. 
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