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Vidya lives in Sydney and is very well known in the Indian community here. Vidya started freelancing Feng Shui 2 years ago. These days she is very busy helping all those who need her advise on homes, businesses, relationships etc. Vidya will love to hear from you on any questions regarding Feng Shui  Email me

Year of the ROOSTER- What’s in store for you?
The Chinese have used their zodiac as an important factor in making decisions since ancient times. The Chinese calendar works on a 12-year cycle, and is based on animals.

Basically the animals were used to represent the twelve earthly branches that are part of Chinese astrology.  In ancient times people did not have either reading or writing skills, so animals were used to help them remember the twelve Earthly branches. Every single year belongs to one of the twelve selected animals in the zodiac– the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig. For example, if you were born in any of the following years, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 your Chinese animal sign is the Rooster.

The Chinese New Year kicks in on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month which is on 9th of Feb for 2005.  In 2005 the Chinese Year will be the Wood Rooster Year.

Using the ancient knowledge of the Chinese zodiac, forecasts and outlooks can be predicted.  By tapping into the annual stars for the year, we can predict what our homes have in store. Things that can be identified are, the areas that have positive stars so we can activate them, and areas that have negative stars that need to be mitigated.

Here is a general guide to what’s in store in each compass sector for your home and office, from 9th Feb 2005 till 28th January 2006. Note however that it is just a general guide and though the annual stars applies to all homes its effects would depend on the other prevailing main stars. This guide is just to make you aware of certain negative areas and capitalize on the positive locations. The Annual Flying Stars apply to all homes, regardless of the Time Period in which they were built.  The Annual Stars can act as catalysts or triggers within each compass sector. 

SOUTH – For the year 2005, the south sector is considered as the wealth location of the year. Wealth Chi is ushered in from this direction. Those who have their main door located in this direction may enjoy good advancement at work and even an increase in property and assets. There are other options if you do not have a main door in the south, you can activate this wealth sector by placing a small indoor water fountain or yang objects like a table fan, your music system or even your television in the south. 

Southwest – The southwest sector is a good area for scholars and academics. Persons involved in writing research and literary pursuits will benefit by this sector. The southwest sector will be beneficial to students. Utilizing this sector may lead to career recognition and assistance from superiors to help you succeed. Having water features in this sector this year is highly beneficial.

WEST – Using a west door in the house or office could lead to a positive rise in position and status within your organization. You may gain power and authority in your workplace. But bear in mind that although there is a positive star in the west medical complications relating to the liver and legs may flare up. The ‘Grand Duke’ sits in the west so if your front door faces west do not slam this door at all this year; the disturbance could affect your health.

NORTHWEST – The most dangerous sector for 2005. Avoid performing important activities in this sector of your home or business. Do not dig the ground or carry any renovations in the northwest after the 9th of February 2005. If this sector is activated, obstacles and mishaps may befall you. To weaken the negative effects of this star use objects made of metal such as copper, aluminum, bronze or pewter in the northwest. 

NORTH – This sector is the secondary wealth sector of the year. If your home or office has a main door in the north it could be a time for promotions, new ventures, new beginnings and general happy events.

NORTHEAST - The star that resides in the Northeast sector brings a higher probability of arguments and competition. If your main door is located within the northeast sector or you have main rooms in the northeast sector you have to be extra cautious to avoid fights and disputes. So the motto here would be ‘tolerance and patience’. It will help to stay calm and avoid sticky situations.  There might even be potential of robberies or loss of wealth to homes and offices with a main door in the northeast, especially in the month of October. If your main door is in the northeast, double check your locks.

EAST- : The sickness star flies into the East in 2005.  Avoid this area if you are having health problems as sleeping in this area will only aggravate the situation. Take better care of your health and don’t put off those visits to the doctor. If your home office is located in the east sector, place a healthy pot plant in the office and remove predominant red colors. The Three Killings and Year Breaker are going to be in the east sector, so it is best to avoid renovation or ground breaking in this location for the year.  This year do not sit with your back to the east, it is better to face this direction.

SOUTHEAST - The Quarrel star resides in the southeast sector, thus bringing sudden changes at work or even in the family area. There is a higher probability of disputes and possible lawsuits for anyone predominantly sleeping or working in the southeast sector during 2005. If the main door in your house is in the southeast put a red door mat there to appease this star.  Businesses with a main door in this sector need to watch out for problems with subordinates. Try to keep this sector undisturbed by renovations, loud noise or substantial digging.

So that, very briefly and generally is what is in store in the year of the Wood Rooster. Using this ancient knowledge of the Chinese zodiac, forecasts and outlooks could be predicted. So depending on where your main door, main rooms are you can enhance or remedy certain sectors to benefit you.  If you cannot avoid renovating in a negatively afflicted sector, then try to begin and end the renovations either side of the afflicted sector.

The Rooster Year will be a good one for those born in the Snake and the Ox years, but those born in the Rabbit year will have difficulties.

If you were born in the year of the Rabbit (i.e. 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) then this is a year to consolidate and budget carefully. The animal signs that will have a good year are the Snake (1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, and 2001) and Ox (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, and 1997).

This is however only the tip of the iceberg, Feng Shui is a science that needs careful consideration. Feng Shui is all about capitalizing on what you already have. So no house would be forever auspicious or forever inauspicious. And even during the auspicious times there will be month’s or days when things maybe a bit hard. You can just take extra precaution or you could even benefit by making some changes.

So to summarize, the positive directions for 2005 are south, southwest and north. And the sectors to watch out for are northwest, northeast, east and southeast.  Do not carry out any renovations in the east, west and northwest as these directions are considered inauspicious and can exert evil influences. However, unfortunate effects generally will only manifest under specific circumstances, such as when the earth is disturbed. Detrimental effects will not occur without cause.  These negative directions are considered by some Feng Shui Masters to be of extreme importance in the applications of Feng Shui. If it is necessary to perform construction or renovations in these negative directions ensure that there is a good annual or monthly star and choose correct dates.

Just a note about the year in store for you.  The Rat, Ox, Tiger, Snake, - will have a good year. The Rabbit will have a difficult year particularly with health. The Dragon will have the best year. The Pig and Horse, Dog and Monkey will have a moderate year. The Monkey will have an average year and should pay attention to details. Whilst for the Rooster, success and disappointment comes hand-in –hand- so expect interesting times.  

When your home is correctly balanced you will feel energized, you will be inclined to think more clearly, more positive opportunities will come your way.

If you have any questions feel free to Email

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