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Vidya lives in Sydney and is very well known in the Indian community here. Vidya started freelancing Feng Shui 2 years ago. These days she is very busy helping all those who need her advise on homes, businesses, relationships etc. Vidya will love to hear from you on any questions regarding Feng Shui  Email me

Many influences affect our life course; luck, destiny, good acts that create good karma, study and of course good Feng Shui. Applying feng shui during the any festive season to your house, your special lunch or party will generate positive energy and make the celebration more enjoyable. The following ideas should help you make any festive season a happy and joyous occasion.

1.        A round table is a harmonious choice for dinners or lunch, it will encourage the conversation to flow because no will be sitting in a dominant position. But if you do want to make it work better for you: sit in a chair that is against a solid wall. But also bear in mind if you want the party to carry on through the day this may not happen as round tables have tendency to move the energy too fast around in circles. The guests will have a great, highly energetic time but will tire easily.

2.        If you have rectangular tables avoid having partners seated at opposite ends of the table as it is a position of conflict and tension. The guests also tend to feel left out at the far end of the table. Move them around between courses. The best shaped table is octagonal or square, as this allows the guests to interact with everybody else on the table.

3.        Dining rooms should be bright and cheerful to stimulate appetite.

4.        If it is a dinner party, candles can be romantic but if they are too tall they may get in the way when people are trying to talk or serve themselves.

5.        The table decoration needs to be bright and make it the focal point.

6.        Parties can become a stressful time as there is so much fire energy, balance the energy with green colors, fresh plants will cool and absorb the energy.      

7.        If you hang decorations, hang with their ends pointing up, this will subconsciously make us smile.

8.        If you have relatives staying with you, place photographs of them in the living room, it will really make them feel welcome. If you have gifts given by them that too could be displayed to make them feel special.

9.        If you have bi-fold doors that divide the room, open them to create a sense of openness.

10.    Hang a mirror in the dining room such that it reflects the food on the table symbolizing doubling prosperity.

11.    An honored or special guest or even a family elder must sit facing the door.

The Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the second new moon after the winter solstice (December 22). But we can incorporate some of the customs around the Chinese New Year on January 1 to optimize our luck for the New Year.

12.    Get rid of your clutter or at least try to get rid of things you donít need or havenít used through the year. Give the house a good spring clean.

13.    Pay off all debts, so you can start the New Year on a clean slate.

14.    No housework should be done on the New Year, in case all the good luck is vacuumed or cleaned away.

15.    A grand feast is prepared traditionally, which includes fish for longevity and intelligence, cabbage for fortune and riches and mandarin for good health.

16.    Serve some fortune cookies after lunch or dinner so you can find out what the year has in store for you and to stimulate conversation.                                                                                          

Use your imagination and intuition and have fun and lots of good luck and cheer

If you have any questions feel free to Email

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