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Vidya lives in Sydney and is very well known in the Indian community here. Vidya started freelancing Feng Shui 2 years ago. These days she is very busy helping all those who need her advise on homes, businesses, relationships etc. Vidya will love to hear from you on any questions regarding Feng Shui  Email me
Thank you for your overwhelming response to my earlier articles. My email has been running hot.  Feng Shui originated in China more than 3000 years ago, it is the philosophy of learning to live in harmony with the natural and man-made environment that we work and live in. This philosophy believes in combining these two elements of nature to maximize the wealth of your mind, body and spirit. 

I have received many letters asking me about the objects that are easily available to help promote wealth or little cures for just about anything that you want to fix in your life. In this article I thought I’d explain what these objects mean and if you already have some of them how you can make it work for you. They are used extensively by certain schools of Feng Shui and it is sometimes loosely termed as belonging to ‘Pop Feng Shui’.  These good fortune symbols have always been part of Chinese culture and are not part of classical Feng Shui principles. They play a psychological role in promoting positive thinking.

Auspicious Feng Shui objects and symbols enhance your ‘man’ luck by helping you focus on positive goals and aspirations. They play a certain part in life by giving hope and making us think positively. But simply placing a 3 legged toad within your home will not magically make you rich. Wouldn’t we all wish it were true!  So for that matter having faith in any auspicious object will bring a positive benefit. It could be a religious object that you got from some holy place or a special object from somebody dear. It simply needs to be something you personally relate to as a strong symbol of abundance and prosperity.

The objective of this article is not to make you all rush out and buy these symbols but to explain what they mean. I personally don’t recommend objects unless it is required and strongly advise that you try it out for yourself and see if it works. So if you do have a 3 legged toad sitting at your front door maintain a dairy and observe if it has an impact on your finances. The same goes with the water fountains. If you really want to buy an indoor water fountain because it is aesthetically appealing to you do so but keep track of any financial gains or losses you incur. Keep moving it around in your house and you will find the ideal spot for it with a bit of trial and error.  But no water fountains in the bedroom.

A three-legged toad, sitting on a pile of gold nugget, is supposed to bring great success and luck in money. He carries a string of ancient Chinese coins on each side of his body. To activate the toad God, place him within view of the front door. Every morning, place the coin in his mouth to signify that he will deliver prosperity to you. Don’t overwork him so remove the coin and turn him to face the interior in the evening to prevent him from becoming exhausted.

The Buddha lucky charm is a happy reclining Buddha who holds two gold ingots – one with his hand and the other with his foot. This lucky charm is said to bring abundance and joy into the home.

Crystal Mobiles will bring passion and sparkle into a relationship. Hung in a sunny window of your bedroom or in a window it will energize the room with prisms of sunlight. It is a very pretty sight to see the room filled with prismatic light when sun shines on it.  

Large framed mirror should reflect something positive. If it is in your dining room, ensure that it reflects fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit. Large wardrobe mirrors are avoidable, as they generate a lot of energy and may make it difficult to sleep. Ancient Chinese belief is that the when you sleep your soul moves out of the body and when it sees its reflection in the mirror it gets a shock and jumps back into the body. This repeats throughout the night thus causing disturbed sleep. If the mirrors in your bedroom haven’t bothered you don’t change anything. If you have been having disturbed sleeps try draping the mirrors with some fabric in the night.  

Mandarin ducks are a symbol for material happiness and fidelity. It is best used when you are single or going through a difficult relationship.

Wooden carving of a boat loaded with goodies signifies success in life. The boat must be placed to imply it is sailing towards you. Do not place the boat as if it is sailing out of your front door.

Picture of a lotus flower is beneficial if you are depressed or gloomy. It will remind you that beauty can grow out of ugliness and is a mood elevator.  

Bagua mirror is the most powerful protective cure for a house. It comprises a small round mirror set within an octagonal frame with I Ching symbols. It is in an auspicious combination of red, gold and green colours. The bagua mirror reflects and deflects anything that is negative, whilst representing the universe in harmony. Bagua mirrors must never be used inside the house. Also be very cautious about using it outside the house, as you will be deflecting all the negative energy coming inside right back into the universe.    

Good Luck Chinese Bamboo plants are gaining in popularity and you can buy them in different sizes and shapes. The bamboo symbolizes youth because it is evergreen. The bamboo represents a healthy long life.  They are also low maintenance. You don’t have to change the water. I just top the vase with water from the kettle, of course only after the water is cold.

A jade or money plant which has round shaped leaves represents money which is why it is considered to bring good fortune.

Wind chimes can help create a soothing sound, and will also help break up negative energy that may be coming to your home in the form of heavy traffic noise. Ensure that you do not have too many of them as this might annoy your neighbours.

There are of course so many more symbols that you can buy. Certain religious symbols like the crucifix, Lord Ganesha statues, brass lamps, altars have all been used for centuries. If you can use something that satisfies what you are trying to achieve then you have found your cure.  A little boy might find a poster of ‘Superman’ as his protector. If children have difficulty sleeping I often recommend parents moving the bed around and having a little religious symbol in the room. Explain to your child that there is a symbol protecting him and make sure to clean your Feng Shui symbols as they do collect dust over time. 

You should never underestimate the influence your house has on your overall life.  By learning to use Feng Shui as a form of interior design, you are actually giving your home an “acupuncture treatment,” opening up the blocked areas and enhancing the circulation of the chi in your environment.

If there is any particular Chinese or Feng Shui symbol you wish to discuss with me please feel free to  Email me.

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