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Vidya lives in Sydney and is very well known in the Indian community here. Vidya started freelancing Feng Shui 2 years ago. These days she is very busy helping all those who need her advise on homes, businesses, relationships etc. Vidya will love to hear from you on any questions regarding Feng Shui  Email me

Quick tips to Feng Shui your house

Over the last few years before the turn of the century, Feng Shui practice has gained increasing recognition in the Western World. With such a booming interest in Feng Shui, undoubtedly many people are easily confused or misled by the intricate principles and numerous schools of Feng Shui practice. There are so many aspects of Feng Shui to consider and many people donít know where to start when setting out to Feng Shui their home. Here are 13 easy steps to get you on your way to enjoying good Feng Shui. This is not a comprehensive list of things but just a few essential first steps to improve the Feng Shui of your home. 

1.   Never leave your house unoccupied. If you do leave the house locked up during the day let fresh air in as soon as you return. If you have been away for a long period on your return play music or switch on the television and open all the windows. Rejuvenate and revitalize the energy of the house.

2.   Never be the only living thing in your house. It is too yin. If you donít have children or pets have a few indoor plants. Have something else breathing in the house.

3.   Poison arrows come in various forms and must be avoided. Long straight roads, electric polls, neighborís driveway, boats parked in neighborís driveway are all poison arrows. Do not have a long straight tree blocking your front door.  If you do find a poison arrow, try to either block if by planting a few shrubs or a move your front door from the path of the poison arrow by either tilting the front door or renovating.

4.  Have a higher ground at the back of the house as this will ensure that you always have support in your life. If you do not have high ground at the back of your house that is if your land falls away behind your house, install bright lights to shine upwards to lift the Chi. Or better still place large boulders or pots here for support.

5.   Have a clear space in front of your house. This will help chi to settle and accumulate before it enters the house.

6.   Ensure your front door does not open inside directly into a mirror. Good energy with the bad will bounce on the mirror and flow out. Also take care that you do not place anything behind the front door like shoe racks. The front door should open wide.

7.  You should also ensure that you cannot see the back door from the front door as this would mean the energy or chi would move out too fast. Chi needs to meander through the house. If you do have the front door looking out straight at the back door tries to block of the view. Either by placing potted plants or a screen.

8.   Toilet lids must be closed when not in use.

9.   Try to position a mirror in the dining room such that it reflects the food on the table symbolizing doubling prosperity. When the dining table is not in use see that the mirror reflects a fruit bowl or fresh flowers.

10. In Feng Shui, the master bedroom is one of the three most important locations in the house, the others being the main entrance, and the kitchen. Its importance is due to the fact that we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed. Hence, if we sleep in a good spot facing a good direction, then most likely we would be subject to substantial amounts of prosperity and happiness. It is important to position your bed so that you sleep with your head pointing to one your good directions, as determined by your Kua number. I will discuss the Kua number and how to calculate it in my next article. But the other issues in the bedroom are: do not sleep under an exposed overhead beam, a beam would exert pressure on whomever that sleeps directly under it, and most likely over time you'll feel depressed and lethargic, even after a good night's sleep. Avoid sleeping facing a mirror, which would reflect external energies and onto your person. Do not place Yang objects like the television in the bedroom. If you must have a television set there, simply keep it covered when you go to sleep.

11. Never have taps that constantly drip. This will result in losing small amounts of money all the time. Change the sink washers and toilet cistern washers regularly.

12. Do not position your bed or even your study desk such that it shares a wall with the toilet on the other side. If it does, move the bed or study desk.

13. Your garden is part of your home and how it grows will affect your Feng Shui. Healthy plants are good Feng Shui but donít let them overgrow. Overgrown gardens can suffocate and bring bad luck to the residents of the house. So prune your plants and mow your lawns regularly. Wilting or dying plants bring a lot of negative energy.

I realize that all of this seem like a lot of information, but don't let it intimidate you. Just try one or two of the simpler tips, and work slowly up from there. You may even find yourself pleasantly surprised at the changes in your life. If you have any queries on Feng Shui or would like a free report on your Kua number and good directions.

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