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Rajnish Sharma is an India-based journalist who has worked for leading Indian dailies.  Bollywood news


temple Travel tips to India. Information regarding History, Culture, Map, Activities, Hotels, Places to visit and much more. Enjoy India.  Clickhere
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world cinemas Show Times - Check session times for Hindi movies run all over Australia.  Click here
funny Listen to some very funny prank calls such as Kirpal, kick my dog, Indian call centre and much more - Click here
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Successful Indians in Australia. Rooma Nanda writes about our special guest  entrepreneur Sadhana Smiles Click here.
world cinemas Vidya writes about the power of Feng Shui
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- Nelson Mandela-A moment in time
- New India - Buildings of the future
- Siddhuism - Navjot Singh Sidhu
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Coming to Australia If you are planing to visit or migrate to Australia then Click here to know more about OZ.
 Tony Abbott Interview - Leader for Australian Liberal Party
Read the Interview by Tony Abbott on the policies for Liberal Party for the Federal Election 2013. Read more
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festivals Our Great Country India: We all love it, hate it, want to do something for our nation. Don't know where to start. I have tried to sum together some of my views, which I think can help our nation. You don't have to spend a penny to help our nation. So Please read and share your views. Click here. Please contribute to our BLOG
festivals Country of Festivals: The Indian calendar is one long procession of festivals. These are as varied in origin as they are large in number. There are innumerable national, regional, local, religious, seasonal and social festivities. Click here to explore more on Indian Festivals.
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usa Narinder Sabharwal is a freelance journalist for more than a decade, now based in India. He has contributed to newspapers like Times of India, Mid-day, Indian Express on US and Indian Politics. To read his articles on  please Click here
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