Interview with DJ Jiten Tornoto's Finest Indian DJ - By Ashlene Nand

Congratulations on the success of the BMW compliation. Did you ever
imagine it would be this big? I actually did imagine it- that is one of the reasons i accomplished it.

Describe your music style. Who is it aimed at?
I would describe my music is music with soul- you dont necessarily
have to be able to dance to it so long as you can at least bop your
head to it.

How did Bad, Mad and Wicked (BMW) and Die Hard come about? Did you
think of the name and the concept?

For those who know the history of reggae music, there was this song
back in the day by Shabba Ranks called 'Wicked Inna Bed' where he
sings 'I am bad, mad & wicked inna bed'. At the time the song was a
huge hit here at the parties - this is before we even played indian
music at parties - so i decided to name the 'first ever hindi remix
album released' bad, mad & wicked. However, the indian shopkeepers had
a hard time pronouncing that so they shortened it to b.m.w.. Die hard
was thought up of because i just wanted people to know that new DJ's
will come and go but i am here to stay.

Do you think that the BMW concept has been 'overdone' (BMW 1, 2,
Original 3, 4)?

Not really, people like familiarity - they know what to expect so they
are comfortable with their purchase of the cd.
You have now started your own record label, All Star Records, which
BMW 4 and Die Hard 3 are a property of.

What other current projects can we look out for from DJ Jiten and All
Star Records?

Well All Star Records is on the back burner for now as i am working
with companies in India who are much larger and have a greater scope.
I actually have a contract with MagnaSound in India currently.   

Did you ever realise that your success would reach Australia?
Not in the initial stages, no. But after i broke into the huge U.S.
market i figured most other western countries would be easy - it was
India that i knew would be a little tougher.

What are your current perceptions of Sydney? Did you know, Jiten, that
there is a huge South-Asian youth following in Sydney and Melbourne?!

I am aware of the huge south asian population in australia, but i
think the scene needs to be developed by some good promoters and

So naturally my next question is, when are we going to hear you play
'n' mix live?

Well as soon as someone gives me call, i am ready to tear it up down

Personally, why did you become a DJ? I know you started at a young
age, however is this your full-time profession?

This is my full-time profession. I believe that people should do
whatever they have a passion for, it is there they will reach their
true potential.

What are your influences in both the Hindi and English music

My influences in english music come from r&b, funk, and reggae. With
hindi music all that mattters to me is the tune/melody - the beat i
can add myself.

Ok, now the juicy question. Do you feel you get treated differently
because you are a (famous!) DJ? I mean, do girls throw themselves at
you because your Bad, Mad and Wicked!?!

It happens, alot. But i dont pay too much attention to it.

What do your parents think about your profession? Are they supportive
or were they expecting a doctor / lawyer?

At first they weren't. But i guess after anybody sees success, how do
you it is ignored. I just happen to make a living doing what i love-
that is hard for many people to understand, especially desi's.   

Jiten, what advice do you have to say for DJ's trying to make it in the industry?
Devote all the time you can to it. Music should be around you 24/7. I
dont mean listening to it all the time, but for example, you should
walk to a beat, press the keypad on your phone to a beat, things like
that. And practice at an early age- tiger
woods is the best because he's been playing golf since he was a baby,

Lastly, what are your ALL time favourite TOP 5 songs?
1. Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love, 2. Gap Band - Outstanding, 3. Mary J
Blige -Love No Limit (rmx), 4. Ll Cool J - Doin It, 5. Snoop dogg -
Aint No Fun

Now, what are your favourite top 5 DJ Jiten tracks?
1. Aaj meri zidagi - BMW 4, 2. Dilbar- Die Hard 5, 3. Deewana
deewana- Die Hard 3, 4. Akeli na bazaar- BMW 5, 5. Chudi- BMW

Thank you for your time, Jiten. Hopefully we'll see you hitting Down Under soon.

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