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Rooma Nanda is currently in the finance industry, working as a residential mortgage consultant. She has over 10 years work experience with various corporates, such as, IBM and Yellow Pages. Rooma has done her MBA from Sydney, and is passionate about learning on a constant basis.  This column is to highlight the achievements of certain individuals who could be a source of inspiration for others. Email 
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" is a famous quote by Confucius. Meaning the success of a human is measured by who they are in terms of their values and convictions and not by any other superficial measures lucrative to the minds living at a lower scale of human potential.

Our column guest for this month, Mr Sunil Jha, has truly defined the above in one liner when asked about his aspirations:

"I aspire to be a human first, then a creator of harmonious living (whether
it be personal or professional) and then an entrepreneur".

We feel honored in introducing our next column guest, Mr Sunil Jha, a great spiritual soul for a non materialist world and a great entrepreneur for the ones who measure success in sales figures.

Firstly, a brief introduction to his personal and professional life in his own words below and then we will seek some wisdom from him.

My Personal Life:
I have spent almost 50 years on this beautiful Earth, 39, of the 50 spent in the cultural and spiritual hub of the world - India and almost 11 years in this gorgeous country - Australia. I have two beautiful children 13 and 11, and a gorgeous wife - what else can I ask for!! In a nutshell a happy, content and satisfied family. I enjoy friends, love watching people interact with each other, play chess and am passionate about photography - once again, capturing emotions.
I have been experimenting with Spirituality and believe have managed a fairly good balance between my materialistic life and my spiritual life. It has been a great journey and along the path I have learned a lot - I guess there is a lot more to learn and I am open armed to accept and receive all I can.

I would not call myself a Connoisseur, however, will still contend by saying I love a good drop of wine and have started enjoying wines from different regions of the world. I definitely love food and enjoy cooking for friends and family, I believe it is my way of relaxing. Very much a family man, I do love to go out with friends as well and enjoy some one-on-one with me mates (as they would say in Australia). I have traveled around the globe and have visited many countries and enjoyed interacting with different people and cultures.

Sunil Jha: Professional Profile:

Sunil Jha is a Serial Entrepreneur who has worked his way up from the grass root level up to owning and operating successful business ventures both in India as well as in Australia. Sunil began his professional career in 1982 in India. By 1985 he had set up his first business venture "Professional Business Software".

Professional Business Software under Sunil's leadership assisted IPO listed companies in India convert shareholder information from tape drives to hard disk drives and then developed an application "SHAREASSIST" to manage all share transactions internally. In 1987 Sunil Jha established "Akiko Systems, a privately owned Software Consulting and Developing company. Sunil headed it as its Managing Director. Akiko Systems in India was the first company to have started the concept of ERP style software development starting 1988. Sunil is a bit of a conceptualiser and takes great pride in his expertise at Concept Design and Development. Sunil migrated to Australia in 1999, and joined the workforce in senior management positions within large IT Systems Integrators including Praxa Limited and Aspect Computing Pty Ltd.

In 2002 Sunil established Akiko Business Consultants, a privately owned Process Improvement and Consulting firm and has successfully grown it to a million dollar business; assisting fortune 500 Australian companies reduce cost of their business operations and increase their efficiencies through Business Process Improvement.

Akiko Business Consultants is a premier business process consulting and services company. Akiko's consultants help their customers use Akiko's Business Solutions to reduce costs and improve business efficiency through re-engineering/ refining the client's business processes. To extend the value Akiko brings to its customers, they've invested their skills in methodologies that help speed deployment, decrease risk, and control costs. Skills Akiko uses are certified SIX SIGMA and CMM5 consultants.

As a part of Business Process Consulting, Akiko also offer Business Process Offshoring/ Outsourcing. Akiko has facilities in India where they process Accounts Payable, Marketing Surveys, Driver Manifests, Cab Charge, Loyalty Program forms, Mortgage Processing and essentially anything that could be free flowing, structured of semi structured text.

Recently, Sunil conceptualized, (using internal Akiko resources) designed and developed a "WORLD FIRST" web portal. is a concept that is currently sweeping the security and safety conscious internet users off their feet. It is a World First and is already attracting registered users from countries like; Australia, China, USA, Germany, England, India, just to name a few. Imagine how many people all over the world lose their personal and business assets to flood, bushfires and theft. Being registered with helps them not only secure but also capable of insuring their home/ business contents to the value they purchased and not some pick a figure from the air scenario. It is a FREE service.

RN: Sunil, the way you have described your life is amazing. Creating harmony is something I recently read in Dr John Demartini's books. Tell us more about creating harmony in personal and professional life. What exactly do you mean by it?

SJ: Rooma, The art of creating harmony in personal and professional life is a) to keep the two away from each other and b) never carry the issues from one to the other. In almost 30 years of my professional career I have learnt not to bring my problems from work to my home and my problems from home to my office. This has not only kept me sane but also my family.

RN: People like me also define success (apart from many other definitions) as standing by one's convictions in the face of life's adversities and follow the path shown by an inner voice. Tell us about the adversities you had to confront during this journey and how you and your convictions stood by each other both in personal and professional life?

SJ: My life has been a roller coaster, in fact I have been tested numerous times. But the obsession to succeed has always brought be back, even from the face of death. When I was young and a very successful entrepreneur, I was in a terrible accident - I lost a friend and almost brushed with death myself. It was my destiny to live a second life and so I am grateful to be amongst loved ones. I owe my second life to my mother; her prayers must have saved me from my near death experience. However, that near death experience taught me a lot, especially about life and to be grateful for every day that we live. Our past experiences teach us to be careful, we build our dreams for our future but Today is the Present that we always should be thankful for.

RN: Talking about spirituality, do you believe our destinies are defined or do we write our own life plan? Our dreams or our paths are given to us by some unknown force and our job on earth is to follow the path until we manifest them into our physical realities and hence fulfilling the role of being humans?

SJ: In my opinion, the final chapters of our destinies are predefined; however, we carve our own destiny with our actions. According to me, we face our heaven and hell right here on this earth and in this life. As a Hindu our belief system talks of life after death and reincarnations, but thinking we will clear up our sins in the next life is a fallacy that we should erase from our minds.

RN: There is a school of thought which says humans are born twice. Meaning, in one life, we can recreate ourselves and sometimes are reborn as a newer self. What's your take on this?

SJ: ONLY great humans/ super humans would perhaps have two consecutive human births. I am happy and grateful to live one human life!! Different schools of thought believe in different versions of the same statement. Recreating oneself is a possibility and a lot of people have recreated themselves - Maharishi Valmiki for example.

RN: When you say "I have been experimenting with spirituality", what exactly do you mean by that?

SJ: I love the spiritual world. I was an atheist as a child, but my mother always insisted that someday I will changes and become a theist - maybe she had a devious plan!! When she was alive, she was worried about who should look after her Gods and Deities that she worshipped all her life, on day I promised her that I will look after them after she died - I am now fulfilling my commitment to her (willingly). Being still in my "Grihastha Ashran" (Family life phase), I want to enjoy my family and have quality time with my wife, my children, my family and friends; hence I do not want to become a sadhu. I have been trying to create a balance between my materialistic life and my spiritual life, and believe I am starting to get there. My spiritual life keeps be rational and my materialistic life helps me live the commercial world.

RN: Yesterday, I was listening to a Vietnamese philosopher on tele who says that meditation is doing what you do with your heart and putting 100% into it. In your experiences, whenever you achieved something great, was it merely an outcome of such hard work or was it a combination of focus, goals, faith, and discipline, etc,? In other words, is there a basic / simple formula in order to achieve what you are looking for in both personal and professional arena of life?

SJ: Belief, that's it. One's belief is all that is required to achieve one's goals. The rest - focus, goals, faith, discipline - follows automatically.

RN: Tell us more about your experiences and achievements in photography?

SJ: I like human behavior and have been intrigued by it for many years. So, I capture these emotions in memory through my photography. My photography is still in an amateur stage and I capture expressions of my friends and family - especially when they are not ready or posing. I do not wish to commercialise my photography and so wish to keep this a personal hobby.

RN: I recently read a very interesting book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, in which the author says that success leaves clues and those clues are found where your tears are shed. Do you agree with that theory?

SJ: Absolutely. Success is hard work and a lot of sweat, tears, time, patience and hard work are required to get to where one wants to get to. Being successful is no mean feat, and is not for the weak hearted or for people who wish to run a fly by night operation.

RN: Dr John Demartini says that the people who inspire you are infact your own hidden higher self? Once you bring that higher self out, chances are you become harmonious with yourself. I remember George Orwell saying something similar in his book 1984. Would love to know your thoughts on it?

SJ: GOD made all people/ beings equal i.e. the brain size in every being is the same to that being's category. The way we use our brain/ grey matter is dependent on the individual. Whether you want to be "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" or your want to be an "Albert Einstein" it is entirely on ones individual belief system. We are all born with our own higher self, we only need to choose to open that door to access our higher self - harmony follows suit automatically.

RN: Any particular readings you would like to share with people who are always in search of excellence?

SJ: - Man Watching - Desmond Morris
- The Path to Love - Deepak Chopra
- Why is GOD Laughing - Deepak Chopra
- One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey
- Losing my Virginity (Autobiography) - Richard Branson
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