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Rooma Nanda is currently in the finance industry, working as a residential mortgage consultant. She has over 10 years work experience with various corporates, such as, IBM and Yellow Pages. Rooma has done her MBA from Sydney, and is passionate about learning on a constant basis.  This column is to highlight the achievements of certain individuals who could be a source of inspiration for others. Email 
Our column guest for this month is a young vibrant woman in her mid 30's, who has dared to dream high from a young age and proved it to the world that there is no limitations to human potential.

I was completely in awe when I saw a young woman conducting business coaching sessions at SBS with such professional skills that will beat any seasoned TV presenter. Her in-depth knowledge of business, presentation skills and the spirit to make a difference in other people's lives amazed me.

I was so inspired by the clarity of her thoughts, her interviewing skills, her coaching manner with progression of the series that I could not hold myself back making a contact with her.

I was curious to know how is she doing it so well at such a young age?

A very friendly, easy to approach, Shivani Gupta, hence became our star of this month's feature column.

Let's get to know her more and find out what lies beneath that young and vibrant personality.

Q: Shivani, can you kindly tell us more about yourself, your background, when did you come to Australia, what made you come to this lucky land, your origin in India, educational background, etc,.

I was born in Bhilai, Madhya Pradesh. My father was from the north and I grew up in Chandigarh Punjab. I moved to Australia at the age of 11. I have a younger brother. I found the transition difficult coming to a country with a very different culture as did the rest of my family. I now love it. I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering and have an MBA. Its the study I have done since that better defines me where I am passionate about understanding what makes people tick. And a lot of study comes from speaking with people and learning from them at the same time as teaching them.

Q: What were your aspirations when you were a child? Did you always
want to be a business coach? If not, how did this come to you?

Shivani: When I was 5, I wanted to be a truck driver. This horrified my parents as you can imagine saying that to your friends in India that their daughter wanted to be truck driver. When I was in year 10, I wanted to become a lawyer as I used to watch many TV shows with lawyers. As I grew up in country SA in a place called Whyalla, it was hard to get work experience in the 2 law firms. My father (papa) is an engineer, so I was inspired by him. I left working as an engineer after 3 years of work and moved into management. Then I became a senior manager in the corporate world. It was when I did a life changing trip to Nepal and India in 2001, that I decided I wanted to help the planet and the best way to do this would be to start my own business where I could work with a variety of clients across all industries, adults and kids, male and female and to inspire them. Now my vision is to inspire challenge and transform a billion people on the planet. This is very clear to me.

Q: What obstacles did you have in the path of success and your dreams and how did you handle those?

Shivani: Many then and many now. Lord Ganesha has been an inspiration although I would not classify myself as religious, perhaps spiritual instead. When your vision is bigger than yourself, it is much easier to stay inspired.
When the goal is just me, it is hard at times to get up in the morning.
As my vision is big, it is easy for me to stay inspired. I have faced bullying at school and in the workplace, I have been sexually harassed, I have had my work stolen and ideas stolen. These are things that happen for a reason and I look for the learning in these experiences.
Someone said to me about a year ago, 'if people aren't pulling you down, you are not climbing high enough'. I agree with this. It is so true. So the more people pull me down, I know I must be succeeding!

Q: How did the SBS TV show come about?

Shivani: One of the directors of an earlier TV commercial I did approached me to do these shows. I wasn't sure and said 'no' initially however his insistence made way. The interviews and the story lines were designed by me but the selection of the businesses was a combined effort. And what a great way to get to talk to many audiences. Over 10% of the Australian population tuned into the series.

Q: What future aspirations do you hold?

Shivani: I have recently become a mum in December 2008 and am loving being a mum to our Shanti. I want to leave the planet a better place for our daughter. I also want to help people feel good enough so they can treat others with love and respect. I want to work with people who can help minimise and eliminate the abuse of our young girls and women on this planet. I want people to achieve their dreams.

Q: Now, one of my favourite questions:
How do you define success and what in your view is your ideal life?

Shivani: 'Living your authentic self' is what I call SUCCESS, which means NOT living somebody else's belief system.

Q: Who is/are your role model/s and what exactly inspires you?

Shivani: My husband Scott, my papa and mum are my role models in the family area. I believe in living a full life. There are seven pillars we need to work upon and make them stronger everyday in order to live a complete life: spiritual, work, financial, social, family, physical and mental. I try and find teachers in all 7 areas. Louise Hay is one in spiritual. Dr DeMartini is one in mental. Oprah is one in work and financial etc.

Q: What tools you would recommend to the dreamers which can help carve out their path?

Shivani: Put unwavering focus on what you set out to do.

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